Urban Deserts in Como, Italy

2012-05-28 2

Urban deserts are terrible, sometimes worse than the real desert. One feels a sense of anger, frustration, and helplessness while he is seeing some environmental disaster, while he is passing near closed factories and abandoned buildings, walking around closed and impenetrable places that were once a source of social life. The camera is an excellent tool for raising awareness. Here I propose a few places in my city, hoping for a change.

Como is a city situated in the north of Italy, near the border of Switzerland. It is a touristic place, with a wonderful lake, now closed for some years. The flood barrier project has devastated most of the banks of the lake promenade.

The construction site along the lake promenade.
For many years local newspapers have minimized the truth about this devastation.

The “Santarella” was the old electric power station of a great textile company, the “Ticosa”, was closed at the beginning of the ’80s. The power station was abandoned and in its interior still had toxic wastes and debris from the old factory. The environmental clean up has already began several months ago, but this has been going on very slowly…

Many textile companies (Como was an important production site for silk fabric) are now closed, and the streets are now similar to deserts. This was the end of the industrial era of my city.

Credits: sirio174
The social vacuum is reflected in this modern building. No children are playing in the garden, and the small pedestrian road is deserted.
These windows without balconies, bring me an infinite sadness. I prefer an open world in harmony with nature.
Stop, please! We need a change!

All these photos were taken with a Lubitel 166U and a Holga 120 CFN cameras.

The Holga CFN 120 is a medium format icon known for taking lo-fi images. It now comes with a built-in flash that bathes you shots with yellow, red, blue, or clear light. If the Holga misty, vignette look is not enough for you, try the Diana F+ for dreamier, softer shots.

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  1. andrus_n
    andrus_n ·

    Great photos. It is one of my favourite areas in Italy. Never went for the urban deserts there - but the idea is fab

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    It makes me a little sad to see dormant factories.

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