How to Spend your Victoria Day Long Weekend!

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It’s the first long weekend of the spring and Canadians are getting ready to celebrate the fantastic weather with a couple of beers and some good ol’ bonding time with family and friends! Need some ideas? Read on to see how you can spend the Victoria Day Long Weekend — analogue style!

So, what is Victoria Day anyway? Well, Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth of which, of course, the Queen is the head. Victoria Day is a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, which is actually on May 24th. However, Victoria Day is always on a Monday, but hey, we love to party so we’ll gladly take that extra day off! And what better way to celebrate than to take your Lomography cameras out with you for the weekend? Here are some ideas for a great celebration of this holiday:

Queen Victoria on her wedding day; Source: Jane Austen Film Club

Go on a Photo Walk

Spring is the perfect time to go on a photo walk – bright sunshine, light breeze, comfortable walking conditions, what more could you ask for? Have your camera ready in hand, be fast (one of the 10 golden rules!) and snap away as you’re strolling through a park, the beach, a mall or wherever your feet take you!

Photo by breyer

Try out different types of film

For those of you who usually stick with colour negative films, now is your chance to try something a little different! You have one extra day in the weekend so make use of that by taking out different films everyday. Perhaps you like the highly saturated look with lots of funky colours? Try the Lomography X-pro Slide 200 or Lomography X-pro Chrome 100. Maybe you’ve had enough of colour and you just want to keep it simple – black and white is the one for you! The Lomography Lady Grey 400 is a personal favourite of mine, creating some of the best monochromatic photos.

Photo by erinwoodgatesphotography

Take portraits of your favourite people

We all enjoy good food and drink, but good company is always the game changer. I personally think that people are one of the best subjects to take photographs of, especially if they are important people in your life. A picture is worth a thousand words – it’ll be worth even more when you look back at them a few years from now and you remember those great friends that you spent the long weekend with!

Photo by ashleyaang taken with the LC-Wide using Lomography Colour Negative 400 35 mm

Capture fireworks on film

Victoria Day marks the first fireworks show of the season and is probably one of the main attractions of the holiday. Play around with long exposures and night-time shots and create your own light show on your film! You never know how it’ll turn out so be ready for some pleasant surprises.

Photo by lawypop

Hit the patio — and don’t forget your camera!

It is May Two-Four after all, so hit up some patios and make sure you have your analogue camera with you! You never know what kind of things will ensue when you’re under the basking sun with some libations, so snap away as you’re enjoying your beverages.

Photo by ashleyaang taken with the Sprocket Rocket

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    thanks for using my photo, that one was taken while I was in Australia but its all good :) Have a great long weekend!

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