One Sunday Afternoon: Soaking Up the Sun at Toogood Pond


With Spring coming at us with full force, I try to make use of my weekends, especially those usually somber Sunday afternoons. What better way to spruce that up than adding a bit of analogue to the picture! And, thus begins a series of Sunday afternoon adventures, beginning with this first installment of a photo walk around Markham’s serene Toogood Pond with my trusty LC-Wide!

One of the perks of being part of the Lomography Canada team is being able to try out the many different cameras and films. The LC-Wide has been a personal favourite of mine since it launched and I’m an absolute sucker for black and white film, especially Lady Grey. Add in a little sunshine, a pond and some Canadian geese, and you’ve got the perfect mix!

Toogood Pond is a popular spot in Markham (just northeast of Toronto) located near Main Street Unionville. Although it is a well-known tourist location, many of Markham’s residents consider it a favourite place to get ice cream, watch some nice cars drive by or enjoy a beer on the many patios along the street. However, I think Toogood Pond is the best part of it all – a little bit of nature placed perfectly within a suburban community. During the warmer seasons, the pond and the path around it provides a great stroll, whereas the winter season brings out all the ice skaters and hockey players.

Whether it’s a family excursion, a hangout with your friends or a date with that someone special, Toogood Pond is a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. I’ve actually had many friends do their wedding proposals at Toogood Pond! Guess it works well, y’know, with all the families of Canadian Geese and ducks wading in the peaceful waters, and the sun setting in the background.. and a perfectly placed bridge in the center of the pond looking out into the distance… All that sappy goodness!

I’ll be honest, I think black and white films make any photograph look just that much better. Sure, there were lots of greens in the trees and blues in the sky, but the muting of all the colours puts the emphasis on the contrasts and all the little details instead. It leaves a little room for imagination also…something I have lots of!

Stay tuned for another Sunday afternoon in the next week!

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