Velvia 50 RVP: Wow! The Colors Are So Vivid!

I found a five-pack of Velvia 50 RVP online for a reduced price and thought I would give it a go. I was a bit worried about the speed of the film. Then I saw the results…

I’ve tried to shoot this film on sunny days because it’s a relatively slow film. But I’ve also taken some shots inside which have come out very well too.

Credits: bsmart

I love how the colours are so vivid when crossed. However, the skin tones manage to largely keep their normal colour. One of the shots came out totally wild and turned my girlfriend bright green.

Credits: bsmart

I think that is down to using a flash and bouncing it off a green wall.

Velvia 50 loves greens when crossed:

Credits: bsmart

But it’s not all about green – blue also comes out brilliantly too:

Credits: bsmart

However, because the film maintains skin tones well while enhancing greens, yellows and blues, I think it’s a great film to use for portraits:

It’s such a good value film. Despite it’s speed it’s really versatile and can give great results when used with a flash. I have a few left in my film draw and I will certainly be getting it out for summer parties. I love this film and I know you guys love it too as the photos I’ve taken with it have gone on to become some of my most popular on

Do yourself a favour and pick up a roll and test it out in your camera this summer.

written by bsmart on 2012-05-14 #gear #film #review #velvia #vivid-colors #velvia-50-rvp

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