Agilux Agifold: An Overlooked Amazing 6x6 Folder


The Agilux Agifold is a 6×6 folding rangefinder camera, made in Croyden, UK from 1948. It’s a camera very few people have heard of but one that produces great images, and a camera that deserves much more credit.

The Agilux Agifold is a folding rangefinder camera that uses 120 film and produces 6×6 negatives.

I had been looking at folding cameras for a while but couldn’t decide which one to get, until last Christmas (2011), my girlfriend bought me the Agifold. Seeing that it was wrapped in brown paper with a little bow, I secretly knew what it was but I was still surprised when I saw it in its original box! It was in amazing external condition and everything worked, until closer inspection, the lens had a little haze and the camera didnt work on slower speeds. But I didn’t care as it was the thought that counted and a lovely thought and camera it was.

Her parents had also kindely bought me a roll of Ilford FP4 film.

It was Christmas day so before dinner I went out to test my new baby. The camera itself is quite a weight but not too heavy. The folding mechanism still works great after all these years, just simply push the viewfinder housing and it springs open, luckily on my example, the bellows are as new. Shooting this first roll of film I realized it isnt a camera you can use quickly.

First, you find the distance to your subject using the uncoupled rangefinder and then set that distance on the lens, but before all that you have to set you aperture and shutter speed. This time and effort is rewarded with sharp, detailed, and contrasty images.

The camera has shutter speeds 1-1/300th and a bulb mode. The lens is a 9 cm f4.5.

Here are some results from my first roll, all images came out, but others are too big.

Developed in Rodinal.

I was very pleased with my initial results and couldnt wait to use another roll of film through it.

This time, I used Lomography Black and White 100. Again, I was very impressed with the results.

All in all, it’s a great underrated camera, and recommend you definitely pick one up if your looking for a folding camera, and I know there are very few folding rangefinders available out there.

Thanks for reading my review! Also, please check out my girlfriend’s Flickr, it would be greatly apprieciated!

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