Dunkeld and The Hermitage

2012-05-23 1

Lately, my La Sardina has been dictating what I’ll be doing in my down time. Since it was loaded with my first roll of redscale, of course I needed to leave the city and find some sun and some scenery!

Credits: tofutiff

So, my other half and I drove off to Dunkeld – a tiny village, northeast of Scotland’s Central Belt. Even as we were parking the car, I saw my first photo opportunity. An unexpected surprise of a castle and we hadn’t even left the parking lot!

Credits: tofutiff

Seeing as it was a rare sunny day, we couldn’t resist striking a pose with some ice cream and seeing the other sites before heading deep into the woods.

Credits: tofutiff

But that was where we found the real prize – The Hermitage that had been built as a Georgian curiosity in the 18th century. After a short walk through the woods on paths hundreds of years old, we found ourselves at Ossian’s Hall. Even the doors have little trick locks and openings leading into a room with walls made of art and poetry. Two enormous glass doors lead onto a balcony overlooking a spectacular waterfall.

Now, the main reason I had come here was to shoot my first roll of redscale and to find inspiration for my film swap with the fabulous @luba. Unfortunately, the light under the canopy of trees in the woods didn’t allow me to capture as much as I’d hoped. I still got a few though!

Credits: tofutiff

So, my La Sardina whispered to me that I should escape the city and find new subjects to shoot. That’s exactly what I did – and even once I had to put my camera down for lack of light, the total absence of media bombardment was so refreshing. Now that I’ve taken at least two photos of everything in my city, I think I’ll be escaping in search of new material a lot more often!

All information in this article about The Hermitage can be found at Wikipedia.

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  1. boonhow
    boonhow ·

    amazing ! When I use redscale,it seem fail to control the lighting or ISO rate , all pic taken is more to orange and red =(

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