Urumea River - Dividing The City in Two


San Sebastian is divided by a river. On one side, the center of town with luxury houses (Parisian Style), on the other, the surfer’s place.

Urumea river goes from the mountains of Guipuzkoa to the shore. The last part of it crosses Saint Sebastian enterely, dividing the city in two parts. On one side of the river, the center of town and the old city with La Concha Beach with luxury houses biult in a parisian style, on the other side of it, Gros with also a beach called La Zurriola, where the surfers and young people live I have a lucky friend that lives in an attic with a huge terrace. From her terrace, you can see all the main places of San Sebastian. The river, two of the main bridges, the promenade along the river, but on the other side, watching to the city, El Sagrado Corazón, the Urgull Mountain, the Kursaal Center. During july, the Jazz Festival of Saint Sebastian takes place on la Zurriola Beach, which is the end of the river. A big stage is biult for the ocassion. The Kursaal is the main building of the festival, a futuristic arquitecture that looks like two big stones of the pier. The light at night is wonderful.

I spent 6 years of my life living in this city and I’ve crossed those bridges so many times… I usually came for running along the river, both sides, and But what I like most about the river is for kayaking. You can see Traineras (small boats for 8 rowers) training here for the Traineras Championship, one of the best local sports in Basque Country. In september, there is a race that goes from La Concha to La Zurriola and back that is one of the best parties ever in this town.

I have to come several times to this city during the year because of work. There’s a Casino here and they let us the place for events and photo sessions. I just coordinate the sessions. As I had to come during the race, I took the chance to shoot 3 times (it’s forbidden to take shoots to the tables, but anyway… I did). Then I went to my friend’s a shoot the panorama. And as I stayed that night, I saw a concert on the beach with some friends. I feel lucky, don’t I?

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