My Favorite Beach Location: Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood, stars and starlets – that’s what we associate Los Angeles with. But this amazing city located at the Californian coast has way more to offer. For example, many beautiful beaches which are perfect for going surfing and swimming.

In Manhattan Beach (southwest of Los Angeles County) I spent many great hours last summer. It is made for lying in the sun, splashing in the Pacific Ocean as well as for going surfing. One of the best things is, that the swimming and surfing area are separated, so the swimmers don’t need to be afraid of the dangerous surfboards.

Although I’ve been there in the peak season, the beach was not too crowded and you had enough space to spread your beach towel without being in somebody’s way. There is even enough space to play beach volleyball or badminton.

As the Californian sun is very aggressive, I recommend you to use a good sunblock. After spending half a day at Manhattan Beach, I had the first sunburn of my life. When the sun goes down, the surrounding area is perfect for going out to eat and enjoying the American way of life.

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