Escape from the City: The Bank of the Danube at Dunakeszi


When summer is coming, everyone enjoys being near to some water. The Danube is quite an appealing choice almost everywhere above Budapest – at Dunakeszi, too.

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Abvove Budapest, the water of the Danube is quite clean – that’s why the riverbank is quite a popular place at every small town and village here. While it is an absolutely convenient place of recreation among the locals, visitors from Budapest are also not uncommon. The bank is kept quite clean and enjoyable almost everywhere. Somewhere there is a small flood-basin forest separating the town and the riverbank; at other torwns, like in Dunakeszi, you can find cafes, restaurants, and other useful installments.

Here the bank is mostly made of sand and grassed soil, which makes it a really pleasant place to have a picnic – small pebbles and rocks would be much less suitable. The space is much more open then at many other places – at Göd, for example, the forest grew very near to the river.

Credits: trychydts

The water starts deepening fairly early; however, there is a nice shallow area where kids can play in the sand or collect clamshells. The latter was one of my favorite pastimes whenever we went to the Danube with my family when I was a kid. Me and my sister held contests for who can find the largest and most beautiful shell. As mentioned, the water is fairly clean, it is really pleasant to swim in it – although better watch out for the river’s current.

Clams are not the only animals that can be found here: if you like angling, the river is quite full of fishes (my friend usually catches enough fish for all the members of his (quite) large family over the summer); occasionally you can observe gulls and ducks. Not to mention the local dogs who also seem to love bathing in the cool water.

Credits: trychydts

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