Flo, the new Dutch LomoAmigo to be


Maybe you have heard of him, or maybe not. Floor de Goede, aka Flo, is a comic artist who draws autobiographical comics and he is our new LomoAmigo to be. And we are very proud of that!

Flo(or de Goede) with the blue Sprocket Rocket Superpop

Recently Floor was the host of Sander Groen’s pass-on Lomo and we were wondering: why have we not invited Floor to become a LomoAmigo yet? If there is one analogue master, it’s Flo! So one thing lead to another and we got a great new friend!

During the next few months, Flo will get away from his computer every once in a while to go outside and shoot some pictures with his blue Sprocket Rocket. Just to escape his daily routine or because he loves to shoot photos. We are very curious about his Lomographic shots and we will keep you posted!

Flo and the pass-on-lomo

Would you like to know more about Flo and are you curious about his comics? Visit his website www.doyouknowflo.nl, where he will post a new comic daily. Fun!

written by mrmaart on 2012-05-28 #lifestyle #lomo-amigo #cartoon #strip #nederland #dutch #flo #zusje #tekenaar
translated by fritssi

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