Vintage Cannes: Actors and Actresses


It’s no surprise how elegant and dashing actors and actresses appear when attending the Cannes Film Festival held annually in France. But do you ever wonder what other things they do besides attend the event? Let’s look at some vintage photos of actors and actresses after the break.

Photo via Listal

Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of silent film star Charlie Chaplin, smokes a cigar during the 20th Cannes Film Festival in 1967 while a photographer takes her photo. A couple of years earlier, she also attended the Festival to promote ‘Dr. Zhivago’, a film she starred in.

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English actor Michael Cain poses with models to promote his film ‘Alfie’ during the 19th Cannes Film Festival held in 1966. ‘Alfie’ was in competition that year and won the Special Jury Prize.

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English actress and singer Jane Birkin tries her hand at photography at the 28th Cannes Film Festival in 1975.

View the gallery below to see more vintage photos of actors and actresses during the Cannes Film Festival:

Photo via Listal

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