Shooting the 2012 NYC Giant Pillow Fight


On the first Saturday of April thousands of people gather to have the biggest pillow fights in dozens of cities all over the world. Last April 7th we decided to go check out the NYC pillow fight. And, of course, shoot all those pillows in action.

Credits: jeabzz

The International Pillow Fight Day is part of the Urban Playground Movement that organizes free public events. In New York, it has gathered thousands of people for much enjoyed pillow fights since 2008. Naturally, jeabzz and myself had to go check this out!

Fighters are told to bring soft pillows, play nice and not hit the (defenseless) photographers with their cameras — but that was almost a lost cause….

Credits: jeabzz

The dress code is usually variants on the pajamas but this year the theme was the bunny edition.

Jeabzz picked the Spinner 360 as his weapon of choice to shoot wide views of the sea of pillows:

Credits: jeabzz

I decided on the La Sardina paired with some funky expired Agfa RSXII, to get close up and personal with the might pillow fighters:

It was great fun and in the end I was wishing I had brought a pillow along with the cameras. If you would like to participate, check our their website to find out the closest pillow fight near you, and be sure to make it next year!

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