Fix Unwanted Scratches on Your Lubitel-Shot 35mm Negatives

2012-05-14 5

Many users of the Lubekin set for 35mm in the Lubitel 166+ complain that their negatives come out scratched. This quickie tipster tells you how to fix that problem!

Lubekin scratches, before the ‘operation’

The method used for casting moulded plastic has a drawback in that it can leave excess plastic on the resulting product. This excess is called flashing in modeling circles.

My Lubekin was doing exactly this. I discovered that this was the problem by lining up a spoilt negative with the base part of the Lubekin (make sure you have both aligned as they would be in the camera).

Line up a scratched negative and you’ll see the flashing where the problem lies!

There was flashing on the raised bit of the Lubekin, scoring a straight line in the negative as it was wound against it.

The solution is simple, you need a very fine file, so as not to make the problem worse, and very gently, just file these back until the edges of the raised areas are all nice and smooth.

Gently file until smooth.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a much better result.

Not one scratch since the procedure!

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  1. roseannashala
    roseannashala ·

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  2. has
    has ·

    Got the same problem with my 35mm back for diana f+, anyone that knows how to aviod the scratches? really nice article too!!!

  3. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    @has it's most likely the same issue, use the same 'process of deduction' and you should find a sharp bit to shave off!

  4. n_wilson14
    n_wilson14 ·

    My photography professor gave me a little tip once on removing scratches in negatives as long as they aren't too deep. If you rub your finger behind your ear or around the crevice where your nostril attaches to your face, and then rub it on the scratch, it shouldn't show up when scanning or when using it in an enlarger. It is kind of gross but it totally works! :P

  5. has
    has ·

    Thanks for the help! :) :)

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