Zarautz, Our Local Surfer's Spot


Zarautz has the longest beach on the Gipuzkoan coast and waves that are famous the world over. These qualities have for years attracted surfers from all corners of the planet.

The colourful boards are now a virtually constant feature of the landscape of Zarautz, and watching the daring surfers from the seaside promenade provides fun and fascination. But it’s not such an easy sport to participate in. You’ve got to learn to stay up on the board, know how to swim, be determined to learn and have a great deal of patience. You can seek help from the local schools. Zarautz is the mother of surfing in Basque Country for several reasons. First of all, the main sufing shop here was born in Zarautz. It’s called Pukas Surf (

The second reason is that during the month of September the Pro Surf Zarautz cup takes place on this beach ( . The main surfers all over the world come here during that week. It’s a pity during my short trip to this beach, waves were less than ½ meter. Just some long boarders were surfing so I couldn’t use my Krab for the LC-A contest. Anyway we took a bath and use the Krab for a while. This is my first time but I like some of the pictures taken. One of them reminds me of that legendary rock cover of Slin’s spider land. Vasvas instead of the band, which I like more.

Any other time, that beach is full of families, couples and some foreign tourists who come mainly from France, USA and Australia for surfing. If the weather is not good for something you can always do any other nice sport like paragliding. The slopes of Talaimendi are perfect for this sport, permitting one to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment and to experience a little adventure by imitating the gliding of the birds. Zarautz also has a school offering classes in this sport.

Other main activity is going out at night but not in this occasion. I remember my beach parties here when I was studying in San Sebastian. Now that I’m getting old, maybe it’s better to go to the Karlos Argiñano restaurant, which is on the beach and it’s the home of this famous Spanish cook. He even has his own TV program in National Channel.

If you don’t feel spending money, you can just lie on the beach with your favorite book and watch children build theis sand castles. Take care when the tide comes in. The beach almost disappear and if you are near the shore, your things can be swept away by the waves. The water is not as clear compared to Croatia, Costa Brava or Ibiza because of the waves but I would like to try the Krab again there with big waves.

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  1. stouf
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    Super nice ! I love the last one !

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    beautiful gallery! surfing... woo hoo!!!

  3. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Fun water pics. I'd like to see it when the waves are big too.

  4. kuasimudo
    kuasimudo ·

    love #10 and 13

  5. disdis
    disdis ·

    Lomographer Was Here

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