US CitySlicker Joe: Finding Myself In San Francisco

2012-05-16 3

For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet Joe and learn about San Francisco!

Name: thoughtlesshero
City: San Francisco
Age: 28
Occupation: Lomography SF Sales Rep/Freelance Photographer/Savannah Cat Father
Lomohome thoughtlesshero

Where do I begin? I guess a brief introduction and an apology for my grammar is in order… My name is Joe, but I sign my pictures with the name thoughtlesshero. Im not quite sure where this name comes from. To be honest, I just like the way it looks put together. Im currently trying to find myself here in San Francisco….more on that later.

My life is connected by a series of photo walks and whiskey shots, then I rinse and repeat. To me Lomography/photography is much more than expression..its my therapy, a way to deal with my anxiety and a way to step outside of my box and capture moments and memories of a city I hold so near to me. Through my postings here as your CitySlicker I will try to show you all of San Francisco…how I want to remember it and what I want it to be remembered for. I want to show you local spots and my favorite places to visit, the characters that I see every day on the streets and the beautiful mundane moments that pass everyone by. Life is happening all around us and I am happy to share with you my photos as I find my place here in S.F.

I have been searching for direction with my work. Street Photography has stolen my heart and will always be what keeps me shooting photographs. Every day I wake up and go online for a bit, have a cup of coffee, play with my F3 Savannah Cat Icarus and then pack my camera bag and head out either to work or to shoot the streets. sometimes I bring my Diana F+ out, but more often than not my Nikkormat ft3 is with me. I had an LC-A+ but it was stolen from me (jerks)…thats my next purchase though so I dont feel too sad. I think the reason I am so passionate about photography is because there are close to zero pictures of me and my family, growing up we weren’t so close… so I try hard to record every moment that means something to me. Mostly my friends and my cat, but every so often I can wrangle the family together for dinner and snap a few shots. One of the biggest things I stress to people when it comes to buying a camera is that its not just a device to bring places, its the key to remembering your past and making sure future generations will know what it was like before them.

San Francisco has so much to offer to a photographer…so much at times it feels overwhelming. I generally try to focus on a few types of photography: Bands, Street Photography, and Friends….you will catch me doing the occasional fine art photograph and yes even a mirror self shot, but for me if I had to choose it would definitely be street photography. I think that is the best way to truly tell the story of my home..its raw and honest and sometimes gritty, but each photograph holds a truth one can only find in a candid shot.

I hope to grow personally and photographically, and during my stay as your Cityslicker I hope you follow and grow with me. Showing all of you my San Francisco will be a journey for me as much as it is for you and im very excited for the things to come with each new entry! Lomography is all about creativity and exploring boundaries, I hope my posts inspire you to get out there and get awesome with film and your favorite camera….and if you want a new one or film you can come see me at the Lomography Gallery Store here in downtown S.F. I will be there with my amazing friends and co-workers!

Until next time I wish you good light, stay tuned as I find myself in San Francisco.

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    You have a Savannah!? That's so AWESOME!!

  3. thoughtlesshero
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    yeah he is 2 years old and his name is icarus. hes 22 pounds and about 2 and a half feet long now!

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