Searching for Twin Photos Part IV


I present to everyone the fourth issue of my particular search for twin photos of mine in the huge world Lomography.

Credits: deprofundis

The first one is an “easy to find” twin pic. This is a typical view of my favourite beach in Tenerife island and, of course, it is also the favourite place of other lomographers from the island.

Credits: deprofundis & miradafinita

Besides, my Lomo-friend nillerpiller told me the resemblance to the rock on the cover of the Tintin comic book “The Black Island.”

Next twin photos were easy to find too. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the most photographed places in the city. Both of them show almost the same view of the building and the new bridge. Besides, we both used the Sprocket Rocket camera with redscale film.

Credits: deprofundis & carlosbull

The third couple of photos have not been shot in the same place: one was in Istambul and the other was near my home. But who can resist to the mythic Beetle? Both cars are red and were shot with a Fisheye Camera.

Credits: deprofundis & pomps

Finally, I want to show you my favourite couple of this article. At first sight, you can say that they are not very alike, but the same shape of the mirror, the same position of the photographers next to the door and the fitted wardrobe on the right make the two pics very similar despite the different atmospheres of the rooms.

Credits: deprofundis & dannyedwards

Now, I want to say thanks to the following Lomographers for sharing their photos:

Noelia Domínguez, who hails from Tenerife, Spain, has been searching for the long-lost twin siblings of her own film photographs. Read more about her quest and see some of her past finds in her Searching for Twin Photos series.

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