Lomography May Dear!


What connects Spring time and analogue photography? It’s simple! Lomography May Dear! Check out these Workshops and Lomowalks happening in Poland! Read on for details…

As spring revels in the streets, why shouldn’t we also? And when going on spring rampage, why shouldn’t we catch it on at least 36 frames? What counts is that the city will look uniquely and colorfuly through the prism of lomographic shutter!

Worshops & Lomowalks

Join Lomographers, photographers, newbies, and interested people on the Miejski Punkt Kultury Prexer-U£ and participate in fun Lomography workshops and LomoWalks! Especially, if you are new to Lomography, the Polska Ambasada Lomograficzna representatives team will assist you not only to find the camera of your dreams, but also sharing cool tips and tricks. Who better than them to hook you up with Lomography insider tips?

The workshops and walks will be organized in two sessions: first on Saturday, 12th of May, and the second on Sunday, 13th of May. There will be an initial presentation of Lomography, its history, cameras, films and presence in Poland, followed by a LomoWalk. Everyone is welcome to join!

A Polish LomoWall

A lomographic picture is like a spring sparrow. The plan is not merely catching beautiful spring pictures: we will make Lodz colorful, analogue, and fashionable! Piłsudskiego and Sienkiewicza, one of the underground passages of Lodz, will host a Lomography May Dear LomoWall! With over 2000 photos being placed together, this LomoWall forms beautiful shapes bringing life to Lodz’s passage. This exposition will be there from May 9th until May 20th.

This Lomographic exhibition is being organized with a partnership of Fotofestiwal 2012 – International Festival of photography!

ul. Pomorska 39

For more information, send an email to przemek.gorski@topografie.pl or call +48 504 550 875.

So, there is no time to waste! Grab your Lomography camera and start shooting! See you in Lodz!

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