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There are non-conformist analogue photographers who prefer medium format after discovering its quirks and quality. Will you soon be one of them? Maybe after you find out more about 120 film here!

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120 (Medium Format)

  • Frame measurements vary but are usually 56 × 56 millimeters (6 × 6 cm)
  • Bigger than 35mm, smaller than the 4″ × 5″ large format, thus being the medium format
  • Introduced by Kodak in 1901 for the Brownie No. 2 camera
  • Surpassed by 35mm in popularity by the ’60s
  • Requires developing in professional photo labs
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  • Roll film (76 cm) attached to a piece of backing paper which protects the film while it is wound on the plastic spool; comes with extra length to allow loading and unloading in daylight
  • Exposures: ranges from 7 to 16, depending on camera make and image format
Typical 120 frame sizes via camerapedia
  • Formats: square (6 × 6 and similar, typically), full frame (6 × 9), half frame (6 × 4.5), panoramic (6 × 17)
  • Types: color, black & white
  • Speeds: 50 – 3200 ISO
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More info

  • Has better technical quality than 35mm, thus being the choice of some professional film photographers
  • 220 film: introduced in 1965, double 120’s length at 144 cm
  • 620 film: introduced in 1932, on a thinner all-metal spool
  • Made of plastic (polyester, PET, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate), coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts, bonded by gelatin, with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution quality
  • Cameras that use 120: Lubitel 166+, Diana F+, and Holga

Sources include Lomography, Ken Rockwell, Camerapedia, and Wikipedia.

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  1. stanw
    stanw ·

    120 can be processed at home. B&W is easier.

  2. cpetratos
    cpetratos ·

    I've just started using the 120 film with my Holga 120N and just got my pictures back!....BEAUTIFUL! I'm in love !

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