US CitySlickers JB and Carolina: A Little Introduction to the Big Apple

2012-05-16 13

For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Let’s meet JB and Caroline and learn about New York!

Name: JB Saint-Pol and Carolina
City: New York
Age: 30
Occupation: Sound designer and Postdoc
LomoHome: jeabzz and cc-in-paris

Hey All! We are JB and Carolina, known here as jeabzz and cc-in-paris. We started as lomographers in Paris, but we have just moved to New York. We’re very excited to bring you along to our discovery of the city and all its hidden treasures! We arrived in the Big Apple 3 months ago and, yeah, the city that never sleeps is full of great spots, beautiful parks, amazing artistic events and funky pubs! We arrived together, to follow a professional career plan and we think we won’t regret it!

Credits: cc-in-paris & jeabzz

New York is worldwide-famous, there is a lot to say about this city and we are sure most of you already heard it. Either being through Woody Allen’s or Spike Lee’s movies or through punk-rock-rap-hip-hop music videos or just through episodes of your favorite tv series, everybody seems to have a very precise idea of what New York is. It’s all that. And none of it! But some corners are still unknown. And there are so many new places to discover here that it seems we’ll never get bored.

Credits: cc-in-paris & jeabzz

But first, let’s talk about our first 3 months here. Initially, we were amazed by all the wide avenues that never end and all the huge buildings, the crowded streets and all its agitation. We were permanently looking up, until our necks hurt.

Credits: cc-in-paris & jeabzz

Then we started looking for our own hang-out places in our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Beautiful parks around east villages, good pubs in Williamsburg, best burgers in gramercy corner, etc. All these places that we’ll be glad to share with you!

Credits: cc-in-paris & jeabzz

Just walking into the crowded streets is quite an adventure here. You can go shopping on the busy streets of Manhattan or just have a piece of quiet in a peaceful park. Or you can look for some new vintage clothes in Brooklyn, eat some great food in Astoria or be shoot by a funky dealer in the Bronx. Oh and of course, New York is one of the biggest places for art! By looking attentively to the details on the walls around you, you could easily discover some masterpiece of street arts!

Credits: cc-in-paris & jeabzz

There are always events somewhere and you can feel the vibrant multicultural environment, which makes this city so unique. Like the saint Patrick’s Day parade or the world’s biggest pillow fight, which were all a lot of fun.

So, through our European goggles, we will bring you along in our discovery of this huge city and, hopefully, we will all fall in love with it all over again!

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    Ok, next year, pillow fight in NYC for sure!! :D

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    Hi JB & Caro! Miss u guys and NY! :DD

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    @anafaro @jeffr @vicuna @grazie: oh yeah!! :D
    @vtayeh: don't froget to bring a pillow!
    @lawypop: we miss you too :)

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    Jolie costume Jb

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    nice article american people Mr. @jeabzz and Mrs. @cc-in-paris

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