Shimazu's Shave Ice: Chilly Perfection


Tucked away next to a small alley, Shimazu Store is difficult to find and get to – but the icy treats are delicious to eat! This family-run store has been serving shaved ice to locals for years, and the proof is in the amazing taste.

Located in the Kalihi/Liliha area of Honolulu, Hawaii, Shimazu Store is known solely for its shaved ice. The store is tiny, tiny, tiny, but the taste is huge!

I suppose I should explain further about what exactly shaved ice is, just to make sure. Shaved ice supposedly was made during the plantation days in Hawaii, when immigrants would chip off ice blocks to lick and help them cool down. After awhile, sweetened water would be added for flavor, along with fruit juice. This concoction eventually evolved into what we know today as shaved ice, which is usually served in a bowl or molded into a paper cone. The ice is finely shaved down using a special machine and special syrups can be chosen to pour over the icy mound. Other toppings include sweet bean, ice cream, condensed milk, li hing mui powder (another local treat), and chocolate sauce.

My love lives right down the street from Shimazu’s, so we always walk over on a sunny day, to get some melt-in-your-mouth, icy, sweet shaved ice to help us cool down.

Credits: dearjme

Our friends always tag along to mess around, take photos, and goof off while we wait in line for our much awaited shaved ice.

The outside of Shimazu’s kind of reminds me of a walk-in stand, since there are no chairs to sit on. Everyone just stands outside to eat their delicious shaved ice, and let the stray pieces of ice trickle down to the ground.

And finally! After choosing your flavors, size of shaved ice, toppings (or not)…we got to taste the incredible mound of icy goodness! It’s simply fantastic, clean, crisp, sweet, and chilly, all mixed together at once.

Shimazu’s is always a great place to stop by, and everyone enjoys eating shaved ice. It’s a win-win situation, where we are all happy as can be. As we like to do in Hawaii, SHAKA!

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