My First Film Swap


Whenever any lomographer posted a doubled album, I wondered how it was possible to do that? Shortly after that, I got a proposal from a lomographer to do some doubles with me. Read more about my experience after the break.

Credits: marieta

This lomographer is isabel_mebarak. She explained to me the basics of doing dobles and linked some articles to me like Guía rápida para hacer _Dobles_ _Triples_ o _Film Swap_ de atria007, which helped me a lot so that I could read about how to do doubles better. When we determined the theme for the doubles and what camera I’d use, I put a slide film inside the camera and played!

The first results where from isabel_mebarak and her LC-A ate a lot of the photos I took with my Diana Mini, but we ended up with some beautiful results.

Credits: isabel_mebarak

I think the great results appeared when I revealed the second film, which I named “All Together”. The results were what I imagined, and even better! I like the explosion of colors when we used the color filter.

Credits: marieta

To see more of the two albums, view 09 Dobles: Swap with marieta from isabel_mebarak and mine: Dobles con @isabel_mebarak==== .

The experience has been good and I have fun thinking how to do the photos and what the result will be like. I had fun with my first film swap and hopefully, it will not be the last. Thanks for all, Isa! It has been great! You know, if you have the opportunity to do so, keep an eye out, it’s a unique experience! Lomo on!

written by marieta on 2012-05-22 #filtros #colores #lifestyle #marieta #isabel_mebarak #xpro #geles #swap #flash #dianamini #lc-a #dobles
translated by marieta


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