Flashbacks on Film: American Girl in Italy

2012-05-15 1

In this edition of Flashbacks on Film, the focus is on the photo of a lovely lady surrounded by men. Learn more about the photo after the break.

Photo via Iconic Photos

Ruth Orkin was on a commissioned trip to Italy when she took this photo. She was 29 years old when LIFE magazine sent her on an assignment to Israel. From there, she went to Florence, Italy and there she met a young American girl, Jinx Allen, the subject of her photo. Jinx Allen was in her early 20’s. She left her life in New York to go backpacking through Europe.

The two women worked on a photo essay together, and the focus was how it was like for a woman to travel alone in Europe in the 1950’s. Orkin was able to take several photos, but one that stood out the most is the photo above. Some people consider the photo to be obscene, with men ogling as a woman passes by. However, Jinx Allen says that she was having a wonderful time when the photo was taken and it was in no way an image of harassment. Ruth Orkin continued with her photography career, but this was the only masterpiece that she produced.

Read more articles on Flashbacks on Film. Information for this article was taken from Iconic Photos, and this post from Orkin Photo.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I always think that this photo is..somehow fake or at least some of the men are just posing

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