Nasugbu, Batangas: One-Day Beach Escape


Summer season means time for a beach escape. But for this year, it seemed like this was the busiest year, work-wise. So my friends and I forgot to make reservations, even worst, we forgot to talk or plan anything for the summer. This didn’t stop us from going though.

March is the start of the summer season here in the Philippines. For most, plans to go to the beach means planning and making reservations as early as January. But for us, we forgot because of being so preoccupied with work. It just hit us that we needed to have a vacation when April came. So, instantaneously we decided to go on a quick beach getaway. This without making any concrete plans and any reservations. The nearest beach destination from Manila would be the beaches of Batangas. That would be a 2-hour drive from Manila to the beaches of Batangas. So, weekend came and without any clear place to go to, we headed out to Batangas. After 2 hours, we reached the town of Nasugbu, Batangas. From there we just asked where the nearest decent resort we could stay in. People from the town suggested a few places and then we decided on this place called Canyon Cove. To get there, we needed to ride a bangka (small boat) for 30 more minutes. After reaching the place, we were told that the resort is fully booked. But we can still go inside for a day tour and enjoy the beach.

So we did, swam a couple of hours, walked around the island and decided to plan out the rest of the day later on. When the day was almost done, we still couldn’t find a place to stay in for the night. After some talks, we decided to head out to Tagaytay, a 1-hour drive from Batangas. It’s one of the favorite summer destinations here in the Philippines because of its cool weather. Everyone agreed to spend the night in Tagaytay and just enjoyed the rest of the remaining hours playing at the beach.

Credits: boobert

After the beach, Tagaytay was just perfect to rest and recover from tiredness from the travel and beach activities. The weather was pretty cool, the food over there was just off the charts. Simply, an awesome weekend. It was tiring but very fulfilling. A quick fix for a beach craving. So to enjoy summer, one doesn’t have to always plan beforehand to enjoy it. The rush of the uncertainties definitely is priceless!

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