Video Tutorial: Developing Your Own Black and White Film


If you’ve been itching to shoot more monochrome films, but have found the cost of black and white development prohibitively expensive then this Tipster is for you. I’m going to show you just how easy it is to successfully develop your own film.

Credits: simonh82

I made this video to take anyone thinking of starting developing at home, through the basics of what equipment and chemicals they will need, how to do it and what they should expect along the way.

Developing your own film is hugely rewarding, not just in terms of saving developing costs, but also the control over the process that it gives you. If you need to push, or pull film, that’s no problem. If you want a particular effect such as low grain, high sharpness or increase film speed you can choose the right developer for the job.

It also really reduces the costs of development. Even the initial investment to get set up will have been paid for in as few as 10 rolls of film. After that you are just saving money every time you develop.

So without further ado here it is!

And here are the results from this and a few other rolls of film I’ve developed recently.

Credits: simonh82

I mentioned in the video that there are some great video tutorials to show you how to load film on to developing reels. You can find one for 120 film here and one for 35mm film here. Personally, I would recommend handling your film with a bit more care than this guy, but the basics are covered.

You might also want to consider this Tipster to avoid having to try to cut the film straight in the dark and check this one out if you get stuck.

I hope you find this useful and start developing your own film soon.

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