Plane Wreck in Sólheimasandur


Last March we went to the south of Iceland twice. Both times we had the same destination – the plane wreck seen in Sigur Ros’ film “Heima”.

In the beginning of March a friend from the US came to visit us. He offered to bring us to Sólheimasandur (South Iceland) and look for a plane wreck, which has been there since 1973. Of course it sounded super exciting. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, we took the isk. On our way to Sólheimasandur, we stopped several times to enjoy the beauty of Icelandic nature:

None of us knew where exactly the plane wreck was. It wasn’t shown on the maps we had. The GPS wasn’t helping much either. We took a risk again. We had to leave our car behind, because it was too little for that trip. The snow was knee-deep at some points, the wind was cold and very strong. We walked for 3 kilometers without knowing where we were going and without any clue if the direction we were going was right.

Unfortunately, the end of this trip wasn’t successful. We found the wreck, but it was on the other side of a stream. It wasn’t possible to pass it. We had to go back 3km and the weather was getting worse each minute. Even though the sun was shining, the wind cut us to the bones. There were no trails left. The snow covered them. But we were lucky and reached our car safe and sound even though we were very tired, cold, and disappointed.

One week passed and I couldn’t stop thinking of the plane wreck. I had to see it. The snow has already melted and the wind was calm. This time I was smarter and prepared well for the journey. Everything went really smooth. We even drove all the way to the wreck with our tiny VW Polo.

Both trips were really exciting. The first one made me stronger and I really loved the photos I took. I would definitely do it again. The second trip was superb and rewarding. We spent a few hours near the wreck and I had a wonderful time while exploring this beautiful place, which I strongly suggest you to explore yourself.

written by lighthouse_keeperess on 2012-05-21 #places #location #escape-from-the-city #wreck-plane-iceland-south-black-sand-beach-rocks-nature

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