Community LomoAmigo: Marina Faria and the Sprocket Rocket in a Backpacker Trip in Bahia


She’s well known in the community of Lomography, thanks to her photos that ever bite off some prizes in our competitions. Learn a little about this girl who always records the day-to-day of her travels through beautiful analog images. With you, Marina Faria.

Photo by maryjane

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

Well, I’m 23 years old, born in São Sebastião, São Paulo and I live here now. I graduated in Social Communication (went to University in São Paulo). I love photography, especially analog, and also love the summer, beach, surf, sun, travel and snowboard. Last year, I created the Analog Heart, a blog with lots of color, love and my analogue clicks.

How did your relation with photography start?

I studied photography in college in 2007 and it was there that my interest began to grow. Today, I have a loving relationship with analog photography. I think it started way back with my parents and it dawned on me with lomography. My parents always had cameras, photo albums made ​​with pictures of me and my brother, the travels, birthday parties, etc. I always loved watching and reviewing these images, and even as a child and it is still super present in me. When I discovered that there were some calls Lomo cameras that took pictures with different effects, super colorful, multi lens, I got curious and also very happy. That was in 2009, and this time I just took pictures with a Canon XT digital.

How long have you been a Lomographer and how did you find out about the Community?

Oh, I bought my first lomo in 2009, then three years ago. I heard about the camera because of a note in a magazine, and I found it interesting… And when I went searching on the website of Lomography, I discovered the whole community behind these cameras.

What was your first analogue camera and how many do you have now?

It has been an Action Robot, with all three lenses and plastic. Soon after I bought a Supersampler and a Colorsplash. Besides them I have the Diana Mini, Sprocket Rocket, Fisheye No. 2 + Submarine Underwater Housing, a Pentax that was my parents’ and an Olympus Trip 35. Oh, and I was one of the lucky ones to win a La Sardina this week, due to a competition on the Lomography website.

Photos taken by the SuperSampler

If you had to pick a favorite one, which one would it be?

Difficult…I love all my cameras by the peculiarities of each one and I think that each camera can be a favorite depending on what you want to photograph. But if I had to choose today to have a favorite, it would be the Diana Mini because it’s like “stick to all work.” Tiny, lightweight, has a flash which is good for night shots, can you make multiple exposures and you can choose between two formats of photo, square or half frame. It allows you to keep it simple or create as much as you want it.

Recently you made a backpack trip to Bahia, with a Sprocket Rocket in your bag. Did you like to take photos with the camera?

I love it! I thought the camera ideal for travel because it is panoramic, then fit an entire landscape in the photo. I enjoyed too much the result of the Film Lomography X-Tungsten in this camera, the pictures were beautiful, with a super intense color. The sun and the visuals on the coast of Bahia helped a lot too.

(To read about and see the photos of this trip just click in the links: Barra Grande, Itacaré and Arraial.)

What’s your favorite photo taken with the Sprocket Rocket and why?

I think that with my friend Ananda, walking on the beach in Arraial D’Ajuda. I think the picture pretty simple. I love these colors pink and purple (I used the film Tungsten 64), as well as the composition of the photo and the memories of that day.

If your pictures showcased here could have a soundtrack of 3 musics, which ones would it be?

Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
Like A Rolling Stone

Janglin – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

A Rede – Lenine

Who are photographers whose work you like or get inspiration from?

There are 2 photographers that I really admire their work: Steve McCurry, very famous for his photos for National Geographic magazine, and Vivien Maier, a photographer from United States. She became famous because of her portraits, urban images, and her love for photography. And the most impressive thing is that her photos were discovered recently in 2007.

She died in 2009 but today her films are being revealed and catalogued, and presentations of unpublished photographs happening. It’s an amazing story and her pictures are really amazing! But usually photographers who inspire me most are not in the class of the famous. Some names are Sarah Lee, Neil Krug, Elena Kalis, Krista Breznau, Yulia Gorodinski, Morgan Maassen and so on…

To finish, would you like to leave a message for the Lomographers that is reading this interview?

Take your camera everywhere, because you never know when you’ll find something interesting or a good idea to shoot!

To see more photos of Marina Faria drop by her blog Analog Love or make a visit to your LomoHome.

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