A Tribute to Street Workers


Every aspect of the life of a city, from a small village to a megalopolis is interesting. You can document free time, amusements, sports, urban architecture, traffic, weather…this time, my article is a tribute to street workers!

Como is a city with about 90,000 inhabitants, a great touristic place, and as you can see in my previous articles, you can find many occasions to take photos of sports, free time, amusement, and other social events. But in this urban adventure I made a reportage of the daily life of street workers!

Danger…men at work!

Take a look at the work being done on the banks of the lake!

This work (anti-flood barriers) proceeds very slowly, with many problems, and was suspended many times. This is a great problem for my city, with a long piece of the promenade along the lake closed for some years.

Every morning, the shop windows will be cleaned with care!

Springtime, hot day…we need to adjust the tent to have some shadow!

One shop was closed, but another shop will open soon!

A maintenance of a palace.

Parking the seaplane.

“Preparing” for lunch time!

Work outdoors, in the cold winter or in the hot summer, under snow or rain is not an easy task! So this article is a tribute to those who help to keep my city clean and orderly with their daily contribution.

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