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2012-06-04 2

Yesterday, we published this story about the La Sardina’s denim makeover courtesy of Lee Jeans. Contrary to Daily Mail’s initial report, the camera is actually a limited release in partnership with the fashion brand. Check out the fantabulous new accessory here!

Here are some snippets from the news article:

Lomography has always been a cult classic. The stylish camera takes charming, colourful images that make every scene look like something from a 70s movie, thanks to the psychedelic images that ooze atmosphere. So how could they be cooler? Well one manufacturer has paired the camera up with denim cut from Lee Jeans, bringing two fashion statements together to make a camera that looks as cool as the pictures it takes.

Too cool. The unofficial makeover of the Lomography camera brings a new sense of style to the vintage format.

The Lomo cameras started life in Russia in the early 1990s, providing a cheap alternative to traditional film. They quickly took on a colourful life of their own, earning a reputation as cameras to find impossible yet stylish shots with. The Lomo society operates in 35 countries across the globe and regularly holds top exhibitions to highlight the unique camera properties. 500,000 photographers across the globe count themselves as fans, including celebrities such as Brian Eno and Moby.

New skin, same cling. The denim-clad camera takes artsy shots desired by many online.

Contrary to the report on the Daily Mail, the camera is actually an exclusive La Sardina edition made by Lomography for Lee Jeans. So do you dig the La Sardina’s new denim look?

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