The Kodak T-MAX 400: A Good Compromise


High sensitivity and fine grain. This is the promise of the Kodak T-Max 400. Did it deliver? Find out after the jump!

Those who are after fine grain should take the Kodak T-Max 100. Those who are looking for a fast film should the Kodak T-Max 3200. At the middle is Kodak T-Max 400.

He has a high sensitivity while still delivering a relatively fine grain. The Kodak T-Max 400 is therefore perfect for low light conditions. On the packaging, Kodak advertises that it’s the sharpest 400 black and white film on the market. This promise holds as much as I can tell already.

I shot a roll of this great black and white film in Hamburg, Germany. On this day, it was not so sunny. So it’s a perfect starting point for the black and white film.

For the photos I’ve used a Praktica MTL5, a 35mm SLR. Unfortunately, I have this film a bit overexposed.
The reason is that I appreciated the exposure only. Nevertheless, the photos do have enough details to keep. She also got through the overexposing a surreal picture look. I really like this look very well.
The photos are nice and sharp without disturbing the sharpness, as Kodak promised.

The Kodak T-Max 400 is not only available as 35mm film. It can be purchased in all major film formats.

I can only recommend the Kodak T-Max 400 and I are still some rolls in my fridge that are still waiting for their assignment. It’s not the cheapest film, but it is worth every penny. I would say that it’s one of the best ISO 400 black and white films on the market.

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