Tips from the Workshop: Fritz the Blitz Flash Armor


Make sure that you keep your Fritz the Blitz flash protected at all times so that those precious contact pins won’t bend and snap just when you want to take that perfect photograph. Find out how in this quick tipster from the Workshop!

Once upon a time, you wake up at the middle of the night and you wanted to take a photograph of your cat sleeping soundly by your side. So, you hurriedly loaded your La Sardina with film and then decided to use the mighty Fritz the Blitz Flash. Upon screwing in the flash, you noticed that the metal pins are not in perfect shape, and oh no! The contents of your bag crushed those precious contact pins and ended up looking like this:

Don’t want this nightmare to happen to you? Well, here’s a quick and easy tip on how to protect your Fritz the Blitz flash contact pins!

You will need:

  • Plastic film canister
  • Scissors
  • One hole puncher
  • Rubber band or any elastic material

1.) Cut the film canister in half; you won’t need the whole canister, you can keep the bottom part or make a badge pin out of it. Oh wait, that will be an amazing tipster! Okay, moving along.

2.) Punch holes on both sides of the film canister and make sure that the holes are located halfway through the canister so that the elastic band will sit comfortably with your Fritz the Blitz.

3.) Insert the rubber band or elastics through the holes you just made and test to see if the Fritz the Blitz fits securely. Be sure that the elastic is not too tight or else it will damage your contact pins.

4.) Very important: Securely tie the knot of your elastic band.

There you have it, the perfect armor for your Fritz the Blitz Flash! But still, even when the flash already has an armor, be sure to take extra care of it!

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