Unassuming Charm: Kawaikui Beach Park

Most of us gravitate to the larger, more glamorous things – the latest iPhone, the sleekest cars, the hottest boy toy….but when it comes to beaches, it seems as if even the smaller, less fabricated ones are the most fun. Kawaikui Beach Park is a great, little beach and park that is a personal favorite.

Credits: dearjme

You know those unassuming public parks that just sit along the side of the road? Well, sometimes those bits of nothing turn out to be little gems of Lomography goodness.

Credits: dearjme

Kawaikui Beach Park is located in Aina Haina, a small town on the south side of Oahu, Hawaii. It is literally found right at the side of the road, but in Hawaii, this kind of stuff is very possible…considering the fact that many of our towns take advantage of being located next to the beautiful ocean. What can I say? We’re blessed.

My love and I stopped by this beach park to take a few photos, after he flew in from a vacation in California. I had just bought my Lomo LC-A+ and was waiting for him to return home so we could take a few shots, then develop them at the local lab right after! We’re such dorks. :)

Kawaikui’s park area is huge! The lush grass is perfect for taking picnics or just romping around taking photographs.

Credits: dearjme

The shoreline is pretty small for a beach, but the sand is always fun to mess around in and test out some double exposures.

Any combination of sun, beach, and sand make the perfect equation for me, to begin with. But Kawaikui’s small town, quaint, unassuming charm is always a great choice for families and friends!

Credits: dearjme

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