Secluded Portlock: Hidden Seaside


This Oahu beachside is so secluded, I’m not sure if it even has a proper name! Read on about the beautiful, unique escape from the city that will surely make for a lasting impression upon your artistic mind, guaranteed.

One of the most hidden gems of Oahu’s seasides is tucked away on the south side of the island. Even I had never even heard of this place until a friend who actually lives close to the area told me about it. Through word of mouth, that’s the way this place became famous. And now, the information is here on Lomography!

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For the sake of keeping this place pretty secluded, and staying that way, I won’t tell exactly where this place is. But it is in the area of Portlock, Hawaii Kai. The area is predominantly upper class, so the streets are also lined with million-dollar houses. And the view from the spot will definitely justify that!

This place is known for having a big bench that has been nailed into the branches of an overhanging tree. People, over time, have written their names across the bench. From the bench, the ocean views are breathtaking, and you can sometimes feel the spray of the waves breaking under your feet.

Credits: dearjme

The tide can get to be pretty high sometimes, so it’s difficult to predict when is a good time to visit the spot.

From the bench, you can see way across the bay and the ocean, even to the far other side of Oahu’s coast. It’s a gorgeous place to watch the sunset with a loved one or your friends.

Credits: dearjme

Even though the spot is very much out of the way from my normal daily routine, I always find myself drawn back to the Portlock spot. It has the perfect combination of calm, beauty, uniqueness, and adventure!

Credits: dearjme

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