Tank Museum


The US Army Ordnance Museum is the finest armored vehicle museum in the world, housing numerous vehicles form around the world, dating from the First World War to modern day exhibits.

“Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the tanks are everywhere?” The US Army Ordnance Museum houses tanks and armored vehicles from the Soviet Union, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, and the United States. Most are very rare; some are the only remaining examples of their kind. The Museum has exhibits ranges from the famous US Sherman tank to the feared Germany Panther tank. There is very rare example of German Elefant Tank that was used in the Battle of Kursk and only two remain, the other is now at the huge Kubinka Tank Museum outside Moscow. There are also experimental tanks and very large guns that fit on rail cars.

Aberdeen is the home of the U.S. Army’s Ordnance Center, School at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), and the Army Research Lab. Located just outside of Baltimore, MD. This is an interesting location for any military history buff. The place has over 200 vehicles on 25 acres of park and as an engineer who was always fascinated by tanks as a kid this was a great place to visit and finally see the real things.

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    Peace and Love

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    Congrats on your first LomoLocation!!! I especially love shot 31- it's like taking a shot just before impact, nice! And those baby birds on shot 27 are too cute!

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    shot 24 is cool, if i wasa picture i would be one like that

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    Nice shots ! On 25 and 27 Nature is the strongest !

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    18, 19, 23, 24...all the close up images are so cute! lots of great images! I love it:)

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    3 and 4, actually all of the doubles, are really great! 25 and 29 are amazing! I was gonna keep listing out my individual favorites, but I kept liking too many to list!!! Lol, which is really a reflection of how good the photos are, because history and military stuff has never been something that holds my interest. For you to have kept me interested in your review and your photos is really saying a lot!!! Great job. Ugh, but 11 and 13 are worth mentioning!!! OH and 16!!!

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