China Walls: Skimming the Water

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Sheer cliffs, plunging into the deep blue churning water? Sounds like a scene from Jaws….but nope, it’s actually the description of a particularly beautiful beach area called China Walls. In reality, the sheer cliffs make for some gorgeous views and the deep blue churning water is great for Lomography X-pro colors. Read on!

We just can’t get enough of these Hawaii beaches!

Summertime is coming up – I’m actually on vacation, already, and that only means one thing: BEACH TIME!

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Around the island of Oahu, there is a plethora of choices to choose from when it comes to seaside options. One option, that’s a little different from regular beaches is China Walls, located on the south shore side of the island.

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Although there’s no sand, per se, the rock formations are perfect to lounge around on, bring a picnic, and just relax, while enjoying the sun and the breeze, and not to mention, the amazing water views.

In order to get to China Walls, parking can be found along the residential area of Portlock. Just park you car, find the beach access, and take a stroll on down. There are a few rocks that you have to climb down from to get to the actual beach area, so wear sturdy slippers or sandals.

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You can jump into the water if you’ve got the guts to brave the drop. But be careful, because there are some currents that may make it tricky to get back up the rocks again.

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My friends and I have visited the area just to look around, and climb up and down the nice rocks. The deep blue sea is perfect for double exposures and fun poses. But I will definitely be going back to China Walls this summer to take more photos!

Credits: dearjme

My friend, natalieerachel, also wrote a great article about this location! Read about it here.

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  1. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    Sorry folks, this place is actually called Spitting Caves. China Walls is another close location that looks similar, but is a few streets down the road from Spitting Caves. I always get them mixed up.

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