Ko Olina: Epitome of Relaxation


My favorite resort and beach on Oahu is called the Ko Olina Resort (Marriott), located on the west side of the island. It’s got beautiful hotels but the star of the area is the Ko Olina’s man-made lagoon beaches with pure white sand and sunny skies.

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The Ko Olina Resort has been a family favorite of mine ever since I was a little kid. We’d pack lunch, which would consist of rice musubis, fried chicken, and mom’s famous kimchi, and head off to the beach. Going to Ko Olina has been one of my fondest childhood memories – the soft sand, the bright sun, the crystal clear refreshing water…need I say more?

In order to get into the resort, you have to pass through a stop point, where the gatekeepers welcome you in. Sometimes if it’s a Saturday and it’s peak hours, they will turn you away and tell you (politely, of course) to try again at a different time. If that happens, there’s a public beach about 5 miles away called Barber’s Point, also known as White Plains – but that beach is definitely not as nice. Hopefully, if Ko Olina is not so packed, it is fairly easy to find parking.

Within the resort, there’s 4 or 5 different beach lagoons, which are little mini beaches enclosed by some rock formations. It doesn’t sound the best, but trust me, in the pictures you’ll see how beautiful the lagoons truly are.

There’s always mild weather at Ko Olina, simply because the area of Kapolei (the town it’s located in) is really dry and warm. Sometimes the weather gets windy, but there’s rarely any rain. That’s a plus at the beach!

Since there are rock enclosures, some small fish species have become regular visitors in the lagoons – nothing big or dangerous. Ko Olina is known to have fantastic snorkeling opportunities, just bring your goggles and snorkel! (I must get a housing for my LC-A+… this sounds like a great idea….)

Credits: dearjme

Don’t forget to check out Ko Olina if you have the chance. It’s simply paradise!

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