North Shore Marketplace: A Laid Back Beach Paradise


Taking a visit up to the North Shore in Haleiwa, Oahu is always one of my favorite things to do when I have a free day. Even after being there numerous times, there’s always a charm of old-world, nostalgic paradise that lures me back over and over again.

Credits: dearjme

One cannot simply ignore paradise, right?

Even though living in Hawaii has its charms, there is still the mundane life that we all trudge through day after day. Sometimes it’s a blessing to just take a day off and visit a world that seems untouched by modern urbanization. That world is found in the North Shore Marketplace.

Located in Historic Haleiwa town, the Marketplace has many small stores that have stood the test of time. The buildings still exude an old-fashion feel, it’s simply so charming!

In fact, the area is so old fashion, that the entire long stretch of road throughout the area is only two lanes! So traffic can get a bit backed up during rush hour. But no worries, you’re in Haleiwa!

Make sure to visit the shaved ice store called Matsumoto’s (sorry I didn’t snap a picture of the place…). There’s always a line, but the shaved ice is so good! Shaved ice is simply ice that has been shaved down to be flaky and melt-in-your-mouth, which is then topped with whatever flavored syrup you can think of! There are also toppings like sweetened red bean (azuki), chewy mochi, sweetened condensed milk or whatever your heart desires, really.

There are also little stalls that sell the cutest knickknacks like key chains or conch shells!

Credits: dearjme

I’ve included a Yelp link to the North Shore Marketplace, it’s a great way to read other reviewers who have visited the area, as well!

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