Yakutsk – The Capital of Sakha(Yakutia) Republic (Russian Federation)


Lomo goes to Sakha Republic(Yakutia), to the coldest place in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Yakutsk is the capital of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Yakutsk is a city in central Siberia. It is the capital of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) one of and the biggest subject of Russian Federation. Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is situated on the North-East of Eurasia and occupied 1/5 of all Russian lands. It is the coldest region of Russia: in Oimyakon-Verhoyansk district there is a so called “cold pole” where the temperature is -70C in winter. After severe and cold winter come short but hot summer with +30C in shadow and plenty of sun light in July.

Yakutsk is the biggest city which situated in Permafrost zone and one of the oldest town of Siberia. It was founded in 1632 A.D. by sotnik (Cossack lieutenant) Peter Becketov on the Lena river bank as a fort and Russian forward position in North-East Asia. Stormy waters and ices of Lena River repeatedly pulled down older Yakutsk in spring. The city was rebuilt four times in its history. Nowadays Yakutsk is the town of contrasts incarnated in everything: people, climate, architecture.
Despite of severe climate Yakutsk is a popular tourist city and to tell the truth you can interesting and various spend time in it. Here they goes in every time of year for dog’s or reindeer harness drive, for hunt or fishing, equestrian and mountaineering, rafting and snowmobile ride.

The nature of Sakha Republic is primeval and pure, and around 10% of untouched world landscape to fall to its lot. The culture of Sakha people is unique and rich representing ethnical and spiritual life of local population on different periods of historical development of this region. Close relations to Russia become apparent in local architecture so you can see Orthodox churches and so called "House Of “Archie”(places for “algys” ceremony which is Sakha blessing or spiritual wishes for starting family life, education, new job and so on) in the streets of Yakutsk. In Sakha State Museum of history and culture of North people there is a great artifact collection about ancient and modern history of Yakutia.

Museum of Mammoth is only one in the word’s museum for mammoth researching and its habitat in ice age. In glaciocamera you can see the mammoth head well-preserved in permafrost. There’s also unique Museum of Permafrost in Yakutsk. You can visit also interesting museums such as Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, National Museum of Art, Museum of Music and Folklore of North people (there ‘a lots of Jew’s-harp there), National treasure-house (especially interesting for girls cos a lot of diamonds there).

As for food. I strongly recommend visiting Tygyn Darkhan Restaurant in the center of Yakutsk. It offers a wide variety of Sakha traditional cuisine: koumiss, thick pancakes, sliced frozen salted fish, foal meat dishes, venison, millet porridge “Salamat” and traditional dessert “Kourchah”. It’s very pleasantly tasting Indigirka salad (sliced frozen salted fish, onion, black pepper and oil) as a starter… it’s great with some vodka cups!

For our lomo needs I’d recommend to concentrate on x-pro in summer time (cos a lot of sun light) and do not use cameras dependent on batteries in winter (see 1st paragraph about temperature :).

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    What a great gallery! This old communist style of architecture is fantastic! It reminds me of East Berlin in the early 90s......a pity that also this will not last - so at least it is save on your pics!

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    Incredible location! A difference of 100 in temperature between summer and winter, simply awesome!

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