Analogue Coverage: The Lollapalooza Festival in Brazil

The month of April was left behind and missed by many people because of the first edition of the Lollapalooza Festival that happened in São Paulo. Take a look at our film photos right after the stop.

With dozens of international artists playing at the Jockey during the weekend, the Lolla was a real marathon. And in the middle of the crowd were a number of lomographers with their cameras in hand, shooting some of this agitation. Check out the photo galleries below where we selected some of the best images taken in our Lomographic Coverage of the Lollapalooza Festival and remember some moments of the festival.

Photos by erikamorais23, bsiqueira, Vilegvenus and caioantunes
Credits: pedrofarias, jupupolin, luciana-de-morais, galhardocarol, fernanda-breder & oiacasagrande

On our Facebook page, we have a special album with more photos!

2012-05-11 #news #brazil #music #sao-paulo #lollapalooza #lomography #fotos #cobertura-festival
translated by caioantunes

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