Unforgettable Moments Captured on Film by the Arkells


As the Arkells toured across Canada, Mike DeAngelis, the vocalist, and guitarist of the band took along his beloved camera and documented their unforgettable moments to share with us. Mike collected the reflection on the realities of traveling and playing music with his band in different cities.

Stage, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

We had the chance to play before the kickoff at the 2011 Grey Cup in Vancouver this past November. When we arrived for sound check the day before the big game, the empty BC place seemed impossibly big and cavernous.

Max on the sidelines, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8
Tim at sound check, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8
Flames during the Halftime Show, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

We had heard that there would be some cheerleaders performing with us, but we didn’t realize until we had begun sound check that every cheerleader in the CFL had learned a dance routine for two of our songs.

It was a pretty surreal but ultimately very cool thing to be a part of.

BC Place at capacity, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

One of my favourite shots of the weekend was taken from the sidelines during Nickelback’s halftime performance.

Backstage, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

The combination of close proximity, hundreds of dancers and a generous amount of pyrotechnics made for a pretty unforgettable moment.

Tim and Tony hitch a ride, BC Place, Vancouver BC, Canon F1, 24mm 2.8

All photos were taken with Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm film

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