Most Popular User Blogs of April 2012

2012-05-12 2

Remember when online journals were so famous? The times when Xanga, Live Journal, and Blogspot were all living to their name of being an everyday diary – those were the times when we would read anything and everything friends or even strangers would write about.

And now in this micro-blogging generation, we barely find time to write our deepest thoughts down. Though here in Lomography, we give you tons of space to compose a blog entry the analogue way!

We’re definitely thankful for that! So merci and congratulations to April 2012’s Most Popular User Blogs!

Elvis Martinez challenges you n°7 by elvismartinezsmith
Free Association by lamp
LomoBike in Amsterdam by mephisto19
Holga and Diana: What Are Their Differences And Which One Is Better? by tomkiddo
Happy Anniversary Shutter Revolution! by superkulisap
Episodio pilota di goonies fa le imitazioni icomewhenieatcaponata by goonies
Rise Up Lubitel Lovers! by adam_g2000
How much is too much? by ck_berlin
My photo of the Day - taken by tall_bastard by mephisto19

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  1. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Well-written blogs! Congratulations! :) @soleado, @elvismartinezsmith, @lamp, @mephisto19, @tomkiddo, @superkulisap, @goonies, @adam_g2000, @ck_berlin.

  2. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    Thanks for the likers :) Congrats to all!

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