Fuji Velvia 50 RVP 35mm: Dye Your World Green


The Fuji Velvia 50 RVP 35mm film is a fast slide film, which, if developed in C-41, can produce flashy green colors.

station building in Minden

“…green, green, green are all my clothes…”. I exposed the slide film on a LomoWalk through the beautiful Herford with the LC-A. It was very sunny – perfect for a fast slide film. I exposed it at ISO 50 and got nice saturated, green photos. Above all, the sky is bathed in the photos into a beautiful green:

Credits: brommi

Generally, the color spectrum goes from dark green to a yellow-green:

rather darker shades of green
light green, almost yellow photos are also possible

In two photos, I shot on purpose against the sun and I am impressed. The sun rays are seen in a strong yellow:

Credits: brommi

Oddly, there are photos that have not become so green. Whether this is due to my scanner, or the lighting conditions, I don’t know.

Credits: brommi

I will use this film in the summer again, because the colours are just great. A strong saturation, great colours and very fine grain are convincing arguments to buy this film!

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