May I LomoMatrix with You, Singapore?

2012-05-11 13

You’ve seen the whacky videos from Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Paris, Slovakia… Let’s add Singapore to the list, shall we? So whip out your 35mm camera and join Lomography Singapore for a day of exceptional analogue fun under the sun!

Credits: button

So what exactly is LomoMatrix, you say? It’s time to get yourself initiated! Take the red pill, watch this amazing video by LomoMatrix Slovakia and come stop time with us:

Calling out to ALL Lomographers in Singapore, young and old, we want to LomoMatrix with YOU! All you have to do is read on…

Sunday, 27th May 2012
3 to 6 pm

Where will it be held?
The Lawn @ Marina Bay, amidst lush greenery and skyscrapers and a picturesque view of the waterfront!

Credits: renaishashin

What you’ll need to bring
1. Any 35mm camera of your choice
2. 2 rolls of film
3. Props (balloons, umbrellas, water buckets, trampolines, even your pets!) for the action you’ll be performing
4. You may also bring your badminton rackets along if you fancy a game on the side or your guitars and ukeleles for a lil’ song and dance!
5. Cost of processing ($8 per roll)

What you’ll need to do before the event
1. Put on your thinking caps and wrack your brains about what actions you’d like to perform at the event! The whackier the better! You may also team up with others to do crazy stunts with!
2. Click “Add me to the guest list” so that we’ll be expecting you there!
3. Share with us what you’d be performing by commenting on this article with the following “Let’s LomoMatrix! Shoot me (insert action: doing a starjump, cartwheeling, pouring a bucket of water over myself, etc.)

Check out Brazil's , Italy's and Hong Kong's for some awe-inspiring airkicks and what nots!

So Singapore, May We LomoMatrix with You? Click “Add me to the guestlist”, start commenting and see you on the 27th!

Lomography Gallery Store Singapore
295 South Bridge Road, #01-01
Singapore 058838
T: (65) 6223 8850
Open Daily 12 am – 9 pm

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  1. meerly
    meerly ·

    Let’s LomoMatrix! Shoot me pouring a bucket of water towards you!

  2. meerly
    meerly ·

    Let’s LomoMatrix! Shoot me pouring a bucket of water on you!

  3. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    i have a trampoline and those confetti poppers

  4. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    i have no 35mm camera though, my lca have been send for servicing

  5. darksuki
    darksuki ·

    I shall bring some balloons

  6. ngjinglingfiona
    ngjinglingfiona ·

    Let’s LomoMatrix! Water gun/ water bomb fight with colored water? Pillow Fight (with feather flying all round)? Fancy Skipping? (: Excited!

  7. kernlose
    kernlose ·

    Let's LomoMatrix! Shoot me flying to the MoOn~~~

  8. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @azzzy That's awesome! Bring your trampoline! And fret not, we're more than happy to lend you a 35mm camera for the event ^~^

  9. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @ngjinglingfiona All of the above!!! Sounds amazing already

  10. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    @lomographysg thanks guys! my trampoline will finally have a bigger purpose in life.

  11. ngjinglingfiona
    ngjinglingfiona ·

    @lomographysg shucks, I have something on that day that I can't cancel for this ): So I can't make it in the end. I'm extremely sorry and sad )):

  12. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @azzzy @darksuki Please note the time of the event has been changed to 2 - 6pm! Can't wait to see you guys there! @azzzy We really need the trampoline! Bring bring :-) @ngjinlingfiona :-((( That's unfortuante! We were planning a great Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moment with you... Oh well.

  13. lomographysg
    lomographysg ·

    @azzzy @darksuki @changingskylines @pierceteo @ponzi @rickney @xian

    I know you guys are as stoked as we are for tomorrow, so just a few reminders and a checklist just in case you guys forget a few things from excitement!

    1. We're scheduled to start at 2 PM, 14:00, TWO O' CLOCK (you get the hint ;-)

    2. We're shooting at THE LAWN @ MARINA BAY LINK, not Marina Barrage. The grass is greener on this side and the view is simply 2d4! Nearest MRT is Raffles Place and it's just a short walk away:

    3. DON'T FORGET your camera (single frame 35mm!), films and all the necessary props that's bound to take you to greater heights tomorrow!

    4. Please bring a FLASH if you have one in the event of cloudier than thou/miserably drizzly inclement weather (fingers crossed that the skies will be azure blueeee)

    5. BRING IT ON!!! V (^_^) V

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