US CitySlicker MoK: Don't Call it 'Frisco'

2012-05-24 6

Hello, my name is MoK. I have been given the honor of being San Francisco’s CitySlicker. Here, I would like to introduce my city and myself to you.

Name: MoK
City: San Francisco
Age: 33
Occupation: Button Pusher
LomoHome: mok

I received a box of old camera pieces and assorted photography bits on my recent birthday. Included among these items was an old film canister. Alone, it was an interesting artifact. It appeared to be made of tin and it had the Kodak name stamped into it. I twisted off the metal cap and as luck would have it, there were negatives inside. What first appeared as one roll of Black and White Safety Film, unfurled into four.

Instantly, I placed the negatives into sleeves to examine their undoubted beauty. What I had found were pictures taken by my paternal grandparents. Judging from the ages of my father and uncle in the photos, they were taken in the years 1946-50. Delighted with this find I promptly scanned them and shared them with my father.

I chose to feature them here with you because I feel they best represent my roots in San Francisco and photography. Both of my grandparents where born in San Francisco to Italian immigrants at the turn of the century. They worked hard in their early years and would be rewarded with the American Dream. They owned a house on Cuyuga Avenue in San Francisco, drove a Cadillac, and raised two sons.

I haven’t many direct memories of my grandfather. He had passed when I was very young. I have, however, been told many stories about him. He was an avid fisherman, he loved billiards, and judging from the other bits I had acquired with the aforementioned negatives, he was also quite a photography buff.

My grandmother, or Noni as we all called her, was a San Franciscan through and through. She loved her city, and in many ways, resembled it. San Francisco, as Noni had, possesses a sophisticated charm as well as an unpretentious elegance. They have both been marveled for their beauty, and acclaimed for their hospitality. She was proud of her birthplace, and it was she that first alerted me that calling this great city “Frisco” was taboo. When asked what I may call it, “The City”, is what she replied.

Noni passed away in 1987 when I was eight years old, and though it has been many years since I last saw Noni physically, I needn’t look far to find traces of her in the City. She knew the way to everywhere, and thus, that’s where you will still find her.

I, myself a San Franciscan of 33 years, have inherited her key to the city. They call me MoK. Armed with this and an arsenal of cameras, it’ll be my great pleasure to share the treasures it keeps with the Lomographic Community.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Hey. I'm the CitySlicker for Austin, TX. I lived in San Jose for about two years. I got to visit Frisco (Just kidding. ;-) several times. Loved it. I still miss the fresh mini doughnuts, fudge, and clam chowder in a bread bowl on Fisherman's Warf.

  2. thoughtlesshero
    thoughtlesshero ·

    cool article, im another city slicker for sf, and so is my co worker Nico. cool job.

  3. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    very nice read! Thank you!

  4. txkate7
    txkate7 ·

    I cannot even tell you how much I loved reading this. I live in Dallas now, but grew up in Northern California. I spent so much time in San Francisco as a child and love that city so much. Love how you pointed out the cringeworthy nickname. Living in another state, I hear it way too often from non Californians. Can't wait to read more from you!

  5. bjqc
    bjqc ·

    Thank you!
    Contact Information
    1.TEL: 86-010-6466 6914 SAM answering machine


  6. dmichaelsemail
    dmichaelsemail ·

    I love old pictures of San Francisco. Im 32 and lived here my whole life and I know that the pics with the houses are in the Sunset District. If you give me the street & x-street I can go there and take a pic and post it on here. I'll even try to photoshop it to match the black and white

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