How to Do Macro Shots with Porst Compact-Reflex Camera


Last Christmas, I got the Holga Macro Lens Set, which is available for € 10 in the Lomography Online Shop. It includes two lenses, which you can use with 120 and 135 Holgas. However, I have used it differently. Let me show you how after the jump!

Under the Christmas tree was the Holga Macro Lens Set. These lenses can do macro shots from a distance of 3 or 6 cm. I grabbed some scotch tape and fixed the lens in front of my Porst Compact-Reflex from the flea market. I set the focus to infinity but I think it doesn’t matter. At my table were a few things to take pictures from so I exposed an expired Kodacolor VR 400 Plus quickly with Ferrero Rochers and other things. The next day I brought the film to the drug store and two days later I got the results and was very impressed by these photos.

I noticed that only the item is sharp, which is exactly 3 or 6 cm remote. This creates nice photos, where a level is in focus and everything else blurs out of focus.

Completely sharp results are obtained when you take photos of lettering or similar things, where everything is in a level:

Here you will find the whole album to my macro shots and I must say, I am already excited for the spring and summer when everything blooms, because at least then the macro lenses are used again!

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