Little Church of Pampulha


“It is not the right angle that attracts me, neither straight line, tough, inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is the free and sensual curve, in the course of its winding rivers, in the waves of the sea, in the clouds of the sky, in the body of the preferred woman. From curves is done throughout the universe. The curved universe of Einstein.” Oscar Niemeyer

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, project of Oscar Niemeyer, at the request of the then mayor of Belo Horizonte, Juscelino Kubitscheck, was inaugurated in 1943. It’s a landmark of modern Brazilian Architecture, it caused controversy with the Catholic Church who doesn’t liked the innovative aspect of construction and only been recognized as a church 11 years after its inauguration. Besides his bold ways.

The highlights are the tiles painted by Cândido Portinari, the gardens of Burle Marx, the mosaics of Paulo Werneck and the internal panels representing the Via Sacra, carved by Alfredo Ceschiatti. The little church integrates the architectonic complex of the Pampulha, with the Art Museum of Pampulha, the “Casa do Baile”, and the “Iate Tênis Clube”. Today, the year in which Oscar Niemeyer celebrates its 100 years, his work can be seen in several cities in Brazil and in the world, through its design simple, striking and beautiful.

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Wow what great architecture and what great pictures! Incidently I also wrote about another interesting church yesterday.....

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Amazing shots !!! Really impressive ! N°4 is killing !

  3. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    It looks great !

  4. bgaluppo
    bgaluppo ·

    ma city =)

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