Porst Compact-Reflex with Kaleidoscope Filter


Just because it’s called Holga Filter Set you not necessarily have to use it with the Holga. This is why I fixed some filter from the set with scotch tape in front of the Porst compact-reflex. Take a look at the results after the jump!

A few weeks ago, I ordered the Holga Filter Set in the online shop. I wanted to make a break with the camera purchase and wanted to upgrade my current possessions. I’ve seen only a few photos that were taken with the filter set, such as the photos from permafrost. One more reason to order the Holga Filter Set! I’ve already shot a testfilm with the Holga 135 BC but not yet developed. I also have exposed a few more films with the filters but not with the Holga, but with the Porst compact-reflex. With a lot of scotch tape I fixed the kaleidoscope-filter with and without added orange colour-filter in front of the lens. The advantage is that you don’t shoot blind as with the Holga. When you look through the viewfinder of the Porst compact-reflex you see exactly what falls through the lens. So you can focusing simple that the object of desire is in the center and is copied around it properly.

One small negative point the filter set gets from me, that you can see the form of the filter sometimes. You can see the hole in the middle of the kaleidoscope filter, which is not so pretty.

Here are a few more photos:

written by brommi on 2012-05-23 #gear #review #camera #experiment #tipster #lomography #holga-filter-set #user-review #porst-compact-reflex #kaleidoscope-filter
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