Analogue for a Day: The Best Things in Life are Analogue

2012-05-08 1

To me there’s no doubt about it: the best things in life are analogue. Although online messages, digital cameras and an mp3 player do have its advantages, nothing beats the good ol’ analogue world. What painter Bob Ross said about painting also applies to everything analogue: “We don’t have mistakes here, we just have happy accidents.”

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I am not going to lie about having an mp3 player. But it’s just not very convenient taking a record player while going for a run. At home I prefer playing vinyl and I still own all my old cassettes and cds. What I love most about vinyl is the quality, but also its imperfections and the crackling. And I would choose making real cassette mixtapes over giving download-recommendations any day!

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I know you can read almost any newspaper online and downloading e-books has never been easier. But going to a library, buying old secondhand books and a “real” analogue newspaper has much more charm. While reading a book, I like to make notes, mark interesting passages or beautiful quotes; something you can’t really do with an e-book. What I love most are secondhand books which still have notes, receipts or even photos in it from the previous owner!

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Although I send loads of text messages and emails, I try to send postcards or letters every once in a while. For writing letters, I prefer either my typewriter or an old-school fountain pen. I also love leaving post-its or small notes for my boyfriend, either tucked into his bag or a book he’s reading.

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Last but not least: analogue photography. It’s not only the much deeper colors, the saturation or the quality. Above all, it’s the excitement when picking up your photos from the lab, the endless possibilities, the surprises and the happy accidents!

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