The Street Parade of Como


Every year, at the end of May or at the beginning of June, there is a great street parade in Como, Italy called “Parada par Tücc” (Parade for All). Creativity and art to reinvent the city! See how it goes below!

The Parada par Tücc is organized entirely by volunteers involved in some crazy project to reinvent the city of Como through creativity and art.

The Parada is a social project that uses art and creativity as a means of union and aggregation. It is based on values as generosity, freedom, and ecology, and consists of a series of art workshops offered free to the public who can find its final expression in a town parade. This street parade is an opportunity for many organizations involved in the “construction” of the city.

The event offers music, dance, circus skills, stilt walkers, creative spaces for kids, street theater, and many other wonders.

The event also has a social character: last year some people detained in the nearby city jail also participated in the festivities through a social reintegration program. The parade reaches all the main squares in the pedestrian zone of the city!

Here are some photos from a funny capoeira!

For 2012, the date is set at June 9. And this is the official website.

All these photos were taken with a Praktica LB and a Praktica MTL 5.

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