Vigan Cathedral


One of the major stops when touring old churches in the north.

The street was bustling with people and cars scrambling to find parking space. On the front lawn kids were rolling around the grass and tinkering with toys they probably got as bribes for coming to Sunday morning service. The balloon lady seemed pleased as she was counting the money that came in that morning. To the east of the cathedral, gallant horses and their carriages with ornate details lined up against the wall. People who were not from town blended in with the locals while mass was on going.

Some of them coming from as far as other countries trying to complete a pilgrimage tour of old churches North of Manila. This was of course one of the grandest churches on the list, The Vigan Cathedral or the St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral as it is officially known is the third incarnation of this well loved church. The first one was built in 1574 but was burned to the ground by invading forces. The latest version was completed in 1800.

It is an Earthquake-Baroque styled church, its bell tower was built a few meters away from the Church structure as a safety feature to ensure that in the event that it topples, it won’t collapse on the roof . Filipinos are deeply religious so make sure that if you’re only there to snap photos inside, you don’t call attention to yourself and be very respectful. After the mass head on over to the nearby stalls that serve the awesome Vigan Empanada. Or if the Ilocos wind has gotten a hold of you maybe a hot bowl of Arrozcaldo which is Ginger flavored Chicken Rice Soup would be the best thing to have.

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