Escape to Holy Island: A World Apart

2012-05-14 1

You know those times when you just need to get away? When just a couple of days spent somewhere that is not here will do you a world of good? This is where I go.

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I work at a sixth form college. As you can imagine, we have some pretty decent holidays as we follow the educational year. It can be pretty tough getting back after your two weeks off over Christmas to count the weeks until the next break, particularly when we still have months of sunless grey sky still ahead of us. By Easter, you really need a break. And there’s one place I really like to go. Lindesfarne, Holy Island. According to Wikipedia, the island used to be known as Medcaut, which was apparently derived from a Latin word which means ‘healing’. ‘Healing Island’. A very good name for this particular destination.

Credits: maddym

This island was originally a base for a group of Christian missionaries sent from Scotland to the north of England, and it was there that they built the Lindesfarne Monastery. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about the place. Cut off from the mainland by the tide for a large part of the day, no traffic can be heard, just the rush of the sea, and the cry of a bird. There are parts of the island where you can sit undisturbed for hours, and stare out at the sea. Sometimes you can even sea seals there. At night, you can watch the stars and see the distant flash of a lighthouse. Even my husband, who has a reputation for not being able to sit still for very long at all, finds himself only wanting to be, and watch, and listen. No matter what plans you had for your time there, the memories you come away cherishing the most, are the ones of the peace, and tranquility, and the delicious feeling of being so far cut off and remote from the to-ing and fro-ing of your usual everyday life.

Credits: maddym

This year, Lindesfarne was the location of the camera project that my husband devised for us, and which I wrote about in my article ‘It’s a Family Affair: How My Husband Turned Me into a Lomo Monster’. This was the project that lead to me discovering my lovely Smena 8M and also Agfa CT Precisa, a film which I’m really rather caught up with at the moment. I’m just loving the random colors and the results you get from cross-processing

Credits: maddym

Time spent on Holy Island is never long enough, and after three days spent there this year, my family is already planning next year’s week-long return visit. But time is never lost, and when I sit at my desk, or grow weary of the constant need to be going from one thing to another to keep all the plates balancing in life, I just need to sit, breathe, and remember my time sitting on a corner of the island watching the waves, and listening to the call of the oyster catchers. Feeling so blissfully separate from everything else.

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